Production of Plastic Injection Products

We process a diverse range of plastic supplied by well-established partners in our certified manufacturing facilities in Bulgaria.

ISO certificate 45001:2018 ISO certificate 14001:2015 ISO certificate 9001:2015

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Wide range of machines

Wide range of machines.

Our injection molding workshop has molding machines, ranging from 35 to 100 tons with maximum shot weight of 150 grams. Most of the injection machines are equipped with conveyor belts, hoppers loaders and hopper dryers.

Great experience in plastic processing.

We are used to processing a lot of different types of plastic materials and have well-established partnerships with all the plastic granulate distributors in Bulgaria. This allows us to supply a large  variety of plastics.

Materials that we usually work with: ABS, ABS+PC, PC, PP, POM, PMMA, PA6, PA66, PS, PE, SAN, TPE, Ultem, etc.

Highest quality materials

Manufacturing quality.

We maintain a team of fully trained machine operators and highly qualified injection molding adjusters, who can guarantee optimal production cycles with uncompromising  quality repeatability. We manufacture from general purpose products to specialty products to very strict specifications and tolerances.

We can guarantee and provide:

  • Optimal production cycles
  • Quality checks on number of different levels
  • Packaging to your specification
  • Additional manual labour (assembly, gluing, drilling, etc.)
  • Maintaining products stock for quick orders.
30 years of experience in design and production of plastic injection products.

We are a family-owned company situated in Sofia, Bulgaria and guarantee a high level of professionalism and the highest quality of the products and services that we offer. We consider every client as a business partner and we feel responsible for their success.

We can provide you with Part design consultancy, prototyping, Plastic injection mold design and production and Plastic injection moulding manufacturing.

We are EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified.

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